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07 Jun 2016
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Hi, it�s Mind Warehouse out here! Lying isn't a uniquely human feature. Many animals, large and small, can also be huge
masters of disguise, illusion and acting, often very elaborately. But we�ll begin with the beginning! Let�s understand it on!

10 animals
The southern hognose snake could be one of the better actors in animal kingdom. After this serpent finds a hazardous
predator, it plays dead, going far beyond the normal �fall and don�t move� trick even your dog are able to do. First it
imitates agony, then curls into rings, belly up, and lets its tongue out. In case this is not enough to scare the
confused enemy away, what's more, it emits the aroma of rotting flesh and spews some blood from its gums.

Just take a...